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I have super powers!  And I am here to tell you that you do too!  The kind of super power that we share does not require the use of capes..(though it can make for some noteworthy Instagram photos).  What we have in common is that we have little humans who call us, “MOM”.  This is a HUGE Super Power!

I have a son who is 28 years old, smiles like the sun, and lights up my world like the moon.  He has special needs,  and teaches me the power of love, compassion and patience everyday.  I have struggled with anxiety and bouts of sadness that I have self diagnosed as depression.  Through the years raising him, I have felt lost, lonely and overwhelmed.  I was divorced, a single mom, and on social assistance by the time I was 23. BUT, that’s not the whole story. I discovered the science to success and got myself out of a life of despair and poverty to triumph and prosperity.   I have learned so much from my journey…. developing a skill set that I am now committed to teach others. I have met people who have anchored me and given me support.  I have learned that I have strength that I wouldn’t have realized, had it not been for the treacherous path I walked. 

So with all of these life experiences, I wrote a book called Life Reset, to help other women find their genius…not at the end of the tunnel but during the walk through the tunnel…

Over the last 20 years, I have heard from so many women entrepreneurs who said that though they have a vision of what they would like for their family and business but they are unable to clearly define the path for success.  After figuring the answer to this question for myself, I have made it my mission to help impact driven women entrepreneurs who struggle with increasing their revenue while fulfilling their vision. And help them create a synergy between having an impact and amassing profits. 

I am so grateful that you are here!!

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Address: 13 Nature’s Landing Drive

My City, East Garafraxa

Phone: 416.627.2216

Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S

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