#BossMomma Community

This Membership program gives Mom’s who are raising children with special needs a place where they will learn to build an online business. They will be surrounded by other mom’s, coaches and consultants to help them on their journey to create a life full of abundance in all areas of their lives. For less than a dollar day, you will be part of a movement where no mom is left to feel lost, alone or unworthy.

Service Features

Feature #1

Full Coaching on learning all the key components of building an online business.  No experience is required. Just a willingness to learn.

Feature #2

Learn from Experts.  Each month an expert from the online world will be brought in to teach the tips and tricks to making money with an online business.

Feature #3

Monthly Challenges to keep you on track and moving.  Mind, Body and Spirit will be well fueled! We are in this for the long haul.

Feature #4

Accountability is a huge component to staying on course and seeing optimal results.  Our community will be built on partnerships to ensure we all succeed.

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